When in Doubt, Hire it Out

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Event Management, Tips and Tricks

Your business is growing. There are promising clients and strategic partners to pursue. You have scads of exciting product ideas you want to explore.

There is also endless work required to keep the business running and you have finite resources. You wear more hats than you can count and there’s never enough time. Adding full time staff isn’t an option just yet. Budget is tight. What to do?

Consider bringing in a seasoned resource who can take on parts of the business that are outside your areas of expertise or perhaps not the best use of your time and talents. If you’re the company’s best deal closer or the product visionary, but not big on processes and systems, maybe hire that essential operational piece out?

Hiring an external expert on a contractual basis can save your organization money. You can tap specific expertise and add extra horsepower when and where you need it. You can augment your team with the specific skills and deliverables you need now – with minimal on-boarding time.

Though there is some on-boarding to be done. When you begin the relationship, your consultant must learn as much about your business as possible, not just the aspect they’re coming in to tackle. This is a partnership and you both must be very clear on the big-picture and specific end goals for the business.

Your expert may have business contacts to offer and will become a valued business development partner for the long-term. Or the resource might have highly specialized skills and the goal is to teach your team to fish, which catching some fish for you at the same time. Your expert can also take on ‘dirty work’ that isn’t your strong point and may be uncomfortable, like guiding a reorganization, handling an intense negotiation, or overhauling your administrative systems.

The consultant you choose to work with can be a resource for support as well as expansion of your capabilities. He or she can be a supportive catalyst for change when you’re navigating a new direction for the business. The expert offers an new lens with a fresh perspective; their objective viewpoint can breathe new life into an organization.

When your organization is ready for a jolt of expertise at just the right time, for just the right amount of time, hiring an external expert might be the smartest investment you can make.


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