More Than 500,000 Guests Served

by | Nov 14, 2016 | News and Updates

Another major event completed. Whew. I put my tired feet up, pour myself a glass of wine, and can’t help but think back, contentedly, on events produced over the years. So many guests, PowerPoint slides, and miles in so many conference venues!

I decided I had to add it up. Here’s my estimate (admittedly, a few are WAGS):

Total corporate events produced over the years: 1,800+ In this many countries: 35
Total number of event guests served: 500,000+
Number of guests per event: 5 – 25,000
Flights I have flown: 320

Events activities I’ll never forget:

Loudest team-building activity: foosball game for 1,000 people
Most wine consumed: wine tasting competition for 600 people
Favorite vehicle to procure as prop: Formula One race car
Most inspiring celebrity guest speaker: Richard Branson

There’s no such thing as a “typical event”, but to hold 4-day conference for 500 guests, I expect:

Amount of coffee guests will drink: 325 gallons
Amount of tea I will drink: almost 225 gallons
Savings for client in managing the event on their behalf: 25%

Given all this, I was gratified to see this data from CareerCast: out of 200 jobs analyzed in 2016, Event Manager ranked as the fifth most stressful!

I gratefully acknowledge the greater pressure of stressful jobs #1 – 4: enlisted military personnel, firefighter, airline pilot, and police officer. They’re in a different league…

If you need some relief from the stress of managing an upcoming event, give me a shout.


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