Virtual Events are on the Rise. So is Audience Boredom and Event Planner Frustration.

Planning and producing virtual events is tough—and getting tougher. The technology isn’t bullet-proof and it’s constantly changing. Participants are getting saturated with mediocre content. Timelines are ridiculously tight. Meeting planners are at their wits’ end.

What to do?

Hire a Virtual Event Coach.

Going Virtual with Your Event

As circumstances require rapid adaptation of live events to virtual ones, event producers are scrambling. How can their organization stay connected to customers? How can they reach new audiences? Some meeting planners cope by taking plans and content for their live event and plopping it online. But that won’t work.

Every aspect of planning and delivering a virtual event is different: whether it’s agenda development, sponsor and audience engagement, day-of-show production, or measuring ROI.

C.KAY International knows event management inside and out—in the virtual world and in physical spaces. We’ll help you make your next virtual event a hit with your audience, your event objectives, and your bottom line.

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Real Success with a Virtual Event

C.KAY International serves as a business coach for virtual events. We help internal meeting planners develop virtual event expertise while they plan and produce successful virtual events. In other words, we support you in learning to fish while ensuring that the next fish dinner you serve is a smash hit!

Together, we’ll address the classic challenges of producing a virtual event while we tackle your specific event requirements: your event objectives, target audience, event logistics and more.

Your Virtual Event Coach

C.KAY International advises and supports corporations, associations, and non-profit organizations in defining all aspects of an event for maximum impact and success in a virtual environment.

C.KAY International has provided event management expertise to clients around the world, from small business to Fortune 100 companies, for more than 20 years. Whether the event is in a physical room or a virtual space, C.KAY International supports clients in creating and delivering extraordinary experiences that deliver solid business results.

Caroline Kay, CEO and Founder of C.KAY International, is a conference and event-planning mastermind recognized for understanding the business needs of her clients and producing virtual and in-person events that deliver results. She has designed and delivered more than 2,500 events around the world, from intimate VIP private parties to large international corporate events. In serving clients, she brings strong leadership and consulting skills together with extensive experience in business development, operations, account management, human resources, and communications.

Running a virtual event just went from being your worst nightmare to your next big success!

We’ll Work With You To:

Establish the vision and strategy for your event

Identify the most suitable technology platforms and engagement tools

Identify and deliver the best possible “Attendee Journey”

Design virtual approaches for classic event features such as networking and swag

Attract and integrate sponsorship to your event concept

Develop and manage a realistic event budget

Develop marketing and social media plans

Develop detailed production schedule

Design measurement systems: ROI and feedback collection

Take the guesswork out of creating a successful virtual event

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I’ve never heard of a Virtual Event Coach. Why do I need one?

When you want to get in shape, you hire a Personal Trainer. When you want to plan for retirement, you hire a Financial Planner. When you want more success in your business, you
hire a Business Coach. The virtual arena offers a whole new landscape in the events business. So get an expert to help you blaze the trail: a Virtual Event Coach.